New Indiana Law Regarding Roundabout Traffic

Drivers Must Now Yield Right of Way to Semis

Beginning January 1st, motorists will be required to yield the right of way to semis and other vehicles over 40 feet long or 10 foot wide within any roundabout – regardless of who enters first. If two trucks are driving side by side, the truck on the right must yield to the one on the left.

Semis need more room to navigate turns – and sometimes this means cutting into another lane. The intent of the law is to give big trucks the freedom to negotiate these curves while avoiding accidents or lane closures due to overturned semis. Know the law and protect your wallet – failure to yield can result in fines of up to $500.

Lowe Law Office Indiana Roundabout Law

For more information on roundabouts visit INDOT. If you’d like more info on HB 1039, click here.

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