Don’t Risk a Super Bowl OWI

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It probably goes without saying that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest drinking days of the year. DUI arrests spike every year on Super Bowl Sunday – and local police all over Indiana will likely be cracking down on hoosier partygoers with increased checkpoints and patrols. None of us want to be featured on Live PD, right?

If you can help it, you’re safer at home. You’re twice as likely to be in an alcohol related accident on Super Bowl Sunday as you are any other day of the year, whether you are drinking or not. Statistics say that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

Super bowl parties tend to start early in the day and last into the late evening, which can mean extended periods of drinking that can contribute to a lack of awareness of your blood alcohol content. It’s important to pace yourself, eat plenty of food, and be cautious. People process alcohol differently. You may feel tipsy on the same amount of drinks that could cause someone else to feel hammered, and BAC is a tricky subject. Make a plan – arrange for a designated driver or transportation. Better to not roll the dice – leave your keys and vehicle at home if possible and ride with someone you trust to get you home safely.

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, be sure to look out for your guests. Have a designated “house” driver on standby to drive your friends who drank more than they realized or failed to plan ahead. Have a place for your friends to crash if necessary. Don’t let your friends risk it.


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The truth is, we love being your lawyer, but we hope to never have you as a DUI client as much as you never hope to be charged with a DUI. That said, good people do make mistakes or misjudge the amount of alcohol they’ve had, especially on days like this. If you need us, call us, day or night. Click here for more information on our DUI / OWI services.

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