Indiana’s “Red Flag” Law

Indiana is currently only one of five states with a “Red Flag” law that allows guns to be seized before someone can commit an act of violence.

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IC-35-47-14-1, a little known statute which has been on the books since 1996, allows for guns to be taken away from someone a judge deems to be a potential threat to themselves or others. Mental illness, escalating threats, substance abuse, and domestic violence as well as documented evidence of a threat or propensity for violent or emotionally unstable conduct are some of the factors used to determine whether an individual may pose a potential threat of danger that warrants intervention and separation from their firearms.

The refrain “if you see something, say something” is often repeated, and this legislation empowers citizens to call attention to a potential threat by notifying law enforcement, who may then ask a judge to order the weapon be seized pending a further ruling on the threat of danger posed by the individual.

Read more about this law here.

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